Friday, October 3, 2008

I walked outside the other day and it was such a beautiful fall day. A few of the orphan lambs were basking in the sun against the neighbour's fence. I decided to go for a walk.

Nicky asked, "Can I come too?"
"Sure", I said

"Wait for me, wait for me!" The other orphans cried. Soon I had a group of walking buddies following me. Following the leader is one of the lamb's favourite games.

I decided to go see the flower garden and see what autumn flowers were blooming. There were several different kinds of Dahlias, aren't they pretty? If you look carefully you may see a bumbling bee drinking some delicious nectar to give it energy for the winter. Actually this bee has been on this flower for 2 days! It slept there last night even. I wonder if it is because he thinks this flower is extra tasty?

Next I stopped by the vegetable garden. We have had such lovely weather that I haven't picked my tomatoes yet. I've left them on their vines to ripen more before I pick them. It seems like these little ones are peeking out of their fence saying, "pick me! Pick me!".

This is a bigger picture of the whole garden. The house you see with all the reddish leaves is an old old house that is almost 100 years old. The leaves on it are from a plant called, Virginia Creeper. Do you see my dog there in the picture? Her name is Sarah. She is a Golden Retriever and a very nice dog. One of her favourite activities is chewing on stuffies. Her other favourite activity is waiting by gopher holes or pipes for gophers, mice or rabbits. She will sit there for hours waiting if she thinks there is a little critter in there.

This last picture shows the trees where I ended my walk. What a lovely day.

The End.


Jayne said...

A lovely day indeed Heather. Thanks for taking us along. :c)

Family said...

you have a beautiful place

Annie Wicking said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful walk around your beautiful home with me. Now I shall share a cuppa and chat with you..

Best wishes,

Evelyn said...

What a beautiful day, thanks for taking us along for your walk!

Evelyn said...

One more thought, Heather! Happy Thanksgiving to you. :~)

Kara said...

Heather had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Heather had a little lamb whose fleece was sort of grey.
He followed her around one day, around one day, around one day. He followed her around one day, to see what she would do!