Friday, September 19, 2008

More Tools

It seems I always have a stick in my hand. Usually the one on the left. It was a gift made for me by a great young friend and he burned, "The Lord is My Shepherd" into it. I use it for herding, keeping my balance down the hills, blocking sheep or dogs... you name it. The one on the right is a shepherd's hook (not crook - that is something else) that I use mostly during lambing to catch a ewe by a hind leg if she is having difficulty lambing on the pasture where I don't have a pen to catch her. More Shepherd tools. Oh and my truck in the background - it has saved me walking many more miles than I already walk each day. I love that it is a 4x4, because I've needed it alot this year with all our rain. It gets washed once or twice a year, whether it needs it or not! :o).

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Evelyn said...

The right tools are SO important for any endeavor, aren't they?