Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Larks on the Prairie

Here are a couple of Larks that I see (and hear) every day on the prairie here. The first one is a horned lark - the grown up version of the baby birds I posted a few posts ago. This is a female. The males have disappeared - hmmm? They have black bellies and to me it looks like they are wearing little tuxedos - with the colours backwards. The second picture is a Meadow Lark. I love these little guys. This one is a male. The females are a much lighter, duller yellow and a bit bigger. Meadow Larks have such a clear, pretty song. They sing their little hearts out, too. And they love to do it, you can just tell. They will sing back at you for hours if you'll sing back to them. And their tune is easy to whistle :o), which I like. I've found myself whistling it often while I'm thinking about something else. Some folks listen to music on the radio and get a song in their head, while I"ve been listening to larks on the prairie and getting their songs in my head!