Monday, April 7, 2008

You turn your back for a minute.....

So, I've been busy painting the inside of my house. I finally
finished all the walls I wanted to do this year and I was just
doing the cupboard doors in a
great blue colour I've always
wanted in the bathroom. I'd set the cupboards on the floor and
painted one coat on them, then I decided to be efficient and put up my curtains while the paint was drying. Well. Do you see the little blue foot prints on the floor there? Now, to discover - WHODUNNIT??

Let's follow the clues.......

Hmmm - pretty big foot prints and there are two dogs and a cat in the house right now.....

Definitely not the cat!

And it can't be Bailey - she is sacked out and snoring on the floor by the fridge (hoping for a snack in her sleep?)

Hmmm.... Sarah, what are you doing?

Who, me?? Just laying here....

Sarah, roll over!!!

Aha!!! Are those blue feet I see??


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Well, it sounds like you turned your lemons into a blog post! I followed you here from your comment on Shepherd Chik's blog. Thought I might see Shetlands on your blog, but those look like "big whites"! I'll look back further as I have time; nice to make your "acquaintance." :-)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Thanks for coming over to Boulderneigh for a visit! Jackon is an Australian Shepherd. I had met his dad Jack two years before getting Jackson, and was SO impressed with him! I also liked what I had heard about English Shepherds, but they were priced a lot higher and I hadn't actually gotten to see any in person. After we had to put down our bulldog unexpectedly last October, I found out that Jack had two two-week-old litters on the ground. It took awhile to convince my husband, but he finally agreed.