Sunday, April 27, 2008

Livin' In Windy Country

I truly live in Windy Country. We have more days of wind than not. And not just a breeze! Here is what one of the fences look like just after one season. We get these warm west winds called Chinooks. They originate from the Pacific Ocean, travel west up the slope of the Rockies, pick up speed and down the slope they go, coming to us. That is why we can go from -20Celcius to +10Celcius in an afternoon. The wind can be trying, but at least we get breaks in the cold winter. The dogs like to chase down the tumble weeds as they fly by - cheap and easy entertainment!
I took these pics a few weeks ago before we got a wonderful spring storm, and then my camera broke. I just got it back on Friday. With the moisture we've had the past week, our grass will come up nicely for lambing. The sheep are going out each day and gobbling up the gorgeous - sweet - candy - grass - racing eachother from plant to plant until they settle down, spread out just graze. It's so nice to see.

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