Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So, number 3 blue had triplets yesterday before I got home! Larry told me this morning, and when I went to check, yep! Two rams and a ewe. The only thing is that the mammaewe only has one good teet - the other is swollen and malformed. The two ram lambs were up and drinking out of the other side and look great. The little ewe lamb was curled up in the corner. I got her up and she could stand, but was weak and not interested any more in eating so I brought her in the house to warm her and tube her with colostrum I had in the freezer from last year. She definitely is hypothermic, but she held her head up the whole way from the barn. I've managed to save lambs that were further gone, but with lambs you never know. So, there she sits :o) . She'll be coming to work with me so I can feed her again in 4 hours. I love lambs!!!
Number 24 is in the other claiming pen waiting her time and the little yearling of Bernie's hasn't given anything yet... she's loose on the back end, but no bag, but that doesn't usually show on a yearling. So, we'll see! It is a gorgeous, warm, nonwindy day so far and is supposed to be in the plus single digits all week, so bring on the lambs girls.


justevelyn said...

Hi Heather!

How SWEET! I love the photo. :) Just remember to take care of yourself while you're being mum to that little lamb!

Kara said...

Hey! I recognize that rainbow blanket!