Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just a little something

I was cruisin around looking for some cute images to share and found these. I thought they were great - even though they're black faced :o). I found them
I still don't have my camera and its computer program set up on this computer, but I'm having a blast looking around the networld for pictures.
Hope you're all enjoying this Christmas Eve Eve. I'm sewing away. I've got my living room in an awful state of disorder/clutter/panic. And a sink full of dishes are waiting for me.... And it's freeeeezing outside. So, I'm inside and I'd better do something about this mess. Or maybe I'll just put on my blinders and do more sewing :o).


Deborah said...

I vote for more sewing!

Kelly said...

...put on the blinders and do some more sewing! :-)